Rev. Steve Oeverman grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is a graduate of Calvin College, The Bethlehem Institute, and Westminster Seminary California. After obtaining a Master of Divinity from Westminster, he and his wife Kathryn served for a time with the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. In 2005, they moved to Escondido, California where Steve was associate pastor of Escondido United Reformed Church and executive vice president of Westminster Seminary California. Rev. Oeverman was called to serve Grace United Reformed Church in September 2012. Steve and Kathryn were married in 1995 and have five children.




Dale Tubbs is married to Nancy. Dale has served as an elder for multiple congregations. He retired from his career as a warehouseman in 2008. Dale is an active reader of modern U.S. history, Russian history and literature, and lots of theology. He is also chairman of our Consistory (elders and minister) and Council (deacons, elders, and minister).




Hans Hoogendam is married to Suzie and father of three grown children. He has been a craftsman in the building industry since 1973. Hans and Suzie are avid bicyclers, campers, and grandparents. Hans was ordained as a deacon in 2015.


Kurt Werner is married to Jean and father of two. He has been the controller of a commercial construction company since 2005. Kurt is an active parent at Cedar Tree Classical Christian School and maintains various interests in the music industry. Kurt was ordained as a deacon in 2015.